Month Three Kit PvP Tournament!

Saturday 6-28-14 @ 5pm Eastern US
Fellow Demigods, 
This is our third monthly 1v1 kit pvp tournament, which we will continue due to the outcome being great from the last two! The same goes, players who sign up will have their names placed randomly into a bracket system, and the winner of each will move up in their rankings. First, second, and third place winners will receive prizes!



-[Champion] Tag for 1 month.
-A special 1 month kit that includes 1 set of Protection 4, Unbreaking 1 Armor (4 day Cooldown)
-Access to /warp champion for a month
-$15 buycraft voucher
-(100) tokens



-1 month kit: One set of Protection 3 armor (4 day Cooldown)
-$10 buycraft voucher
-Access to /warp runnerup for 1 month
-(75) tokens



-1 month kit: 1 set of Protection II, Unbreaking 1 Armor (3 day Cooldown)
-$5 buycraft voucher
-Access to /warp runnerup 1 month
-(50) tokens


Out of consideration, last months winner (dtiger136) will have to sit out a month, and not participate in this months tournament. The winner of this month will not be allowed to participate in the 4th months tourney, and so forth.


The kit will be provided, you will not have to bring your own gear to battle in!


Please notify oceandust if you would like to be signed up for the tournament, or comment on this forum.



* A bonus round will happen after the winner wins, a 1v1 against dtiger136 using the given kit. If you defeat dtiger, he will be giving a special winning prize. c; *

Are you good at finding Treasures?

We added 10 Custom Treasure Hunt Signs on Hades Portal!

Search Spawn, /warp Oracle, and the level 1 Demigod Warps.

You will win 1 of 30+ Greek Treasures:

(Signs have a 2 hour cooldown per player)

Easter Egg Hunt This Saturday!

Starting: April 19th, 1 p.m. (EST)

Search the server for tons of Easter Egg Treasure Signs:

Grand Prize: $15 Voucher!

Bonus: 20% off Entire Purchase Coupon

Use “Easter” coupon code to get 20% off everything at:

Our HadesPortal Shop

(Hurry! Expires April 21st, 2014)

Additional Info: HadesPortal Is releasing a monthly PvP tournament every third week of the month. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be rewarded with a temporary rank and kit which will last untill the next tournament.

Demigod World Now Open!

Type /Rankup to get started and then /warp Oracle to get your first Demigod Quest.

Bonus: 2 Week Demigod Grand Opening Coupon

Use “Demigod” coupon code to get 25% off everything at:

Our HadesPortal Shop

(Expires March 15th, 2014)


Coming soon to HadesPortal!  (~ Mar. 1st)

New DEMIGOD Prison World

  • Help out Achilles, Hercules, Theseus, Triptolemos, and Jason on their adventures.
  • Visit the Oracle to get a new quest with each Demigod Rank.
  • Complete the Demigod Quest plus earn cash for each Rankup.
  • Some Demigod levels come with kits that get better the higher you rankup.
  • Warps include Mob Labyrinths, Mines, Farms, Fleece, and Hercules adventure levels.
  • Inventories shared with the faction world.
  • You can use the Demigod sell signs to get more cash.  Even sell items acquired in the faction worlds.
  • You can take items from the Demigod warps back into the faction world.
  • All Custom-made Plugins!
  • Much, much more!

Sneak Peek Pics

2014-02-17_14.17.11 2014-02-17_14.15.04 2014-02-17_14.16.06 2014-02-17_14.16.39



New Creative World – FREE World Edit & 2 Plots!

Need some room to try out a new build?  Want to use World Edit instead of having to place each block one by one?

Stop by and type /warp Creative.

We’ll give you 2 HUGE plots for free and everyone gets World Edit, too.

If you have a great idea for a Raid Base you’d like to see used in our evening raids, build it, type “/plotme done”, and we’ll come take a look at it.


FREE RANKS during January!

If you have a rank on another server, we will match HALF of its value for a rank on Hades Portal!

Limited Time offer until Jan. 31st.  Maximum of $100.  Just email us your purchase receipt or screenshot showing in-game name, rank and server at:

support @


  • Your Server Rank must have been purchased before Jan. 1, 2013.
  • Your Server Rank must be on a server that you do not own and that averages more than 40 players a day, based on stats pages.

How to get your free rank:

  1. Email electronic receipt of your purchase on another server or screenshot to “support (at)”.  Make sure to include your in-game-name and whether you would like your rank to be Warrior or Builder.
  2. If it meets the above conditions, you will be give a free matching rank on Hades Portal of half (50%) the value of your rank on another server, up to $100 and notified via email.


We will match ranks purchased on other servers before Dec. 12th, 2013!

Limited Time offer from 12/12 through the end of the year, maximum of $100.  Just email us your purchase receipt at

See this post for details.

Grand Opening Today!

Grand Opening Today!

6 pm (EST) Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Exclusive – Get on 2 hours early! Whitelisted Event.

Only for Beta-testers and all players who pre-purchase Ranks

Grand Opening Events

  • FREE RANKS!  Limited Time offer from 12/12 through the end of the year. We will match ranks purchased on other servers before Dec. 12th, 2013, up to $100.  See this post for details.
  • Double your money:  All Rank purchased are 50% off for the first two weeks we are open.
  • Future Savings:  All Rank purchases come with an extra 40% off coupon to be used on a future purchase or gifted to a friend.
  • Free Daily exclusive kits:  PvP, Raiding, Build, Spawn Eggs, Treasures and more.  New ones every day.

Prime Time Events

Daily from 7pm – 9pm (EST)

  • Random Jackpots from 7 pm – 9 pm (EST) Daily:  One lucky player every 10 minutes wins a Jackpot!
    • Spawners
    • Armor Sets
    • Op Swords
    • McMMO points
    • Big Cash Jackpots
    • Tokens
  • McMMO gain rate is DOUBLED during these 2 hours.  Get on and level up!
  • Drop Parties held daily at 7 pm (EST) at spawn.
  • Daily Raid Event:  A claimed server faction obsidian base with treasure chests will appear at a random location on the map.  Clues given as follows:  X coord will be given at  7:30 pm (EST), Z Coord will be given at 8:00 pm (EST), Y coord will be given at 8:10 pm (EST).

Staff Applications

We’re looking for a few mature players who would like a staff position on Hades Portal.

Here is a list of the staff responsibilities along with the perks you get:

Staff Responsibilities

Here is a where you can submit your applications:

Staff Applications

We need 8 new staff to start, 4 from the American time zones, 2 from England and Europe, and 2 from Australia.

We will review all the applications in a few days and notify those selected.

Thank you for all your support!